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Find The Right Vehicle

16 Sep 2021

Weload’s Guide to Choosing the Right Size Moving Vehicle

Moving into your new home should be an exciting time for you - a whole new chapter of your life awaits! Having said that, we can’t ignore that moving comes with its own fair share of stresses which can get pretty overwhelming. But hey, we’d love to help where we can! Solve your moving needs with more peace of mind by following our simple guide to choosing the right size vehicle for your move.

Start with Inventory

The first step to finding the right size vehicle is taking inventory. Whether you are DIY-ing your move or using a delivery service, the first thing you will need to know is what actually needs to be transported. Try creating your inventory by considering how many rooms you have in your home or how many boxes you have!

It’s also great to take note of the kind of items you need transported. For example, if you have fragile items like television sets and glass mirrors - flag this as they may take up more space since they cannot be stacked! Of course, this applies to bulky items like dressers and sofas as well, if you stack them, you run the risk of damage - a big no no!

Define your Sizing Needs  

Once you have your inventory sorted, it’s time to start defining your truck size.

Let’s start by introducing the types of vehicles available.

There are 3 standard vehicle sizes that are typically used for house moves in Singapore - a 2.4M Van, a 10 Footer Box Lorry, and a 14 Footer Box Lorry. You can decide which vehicle to use by matching your needs to the size and weight the vehicles can accommodate:

Vehicle TypeLength (M)Width (M)Height (M)Weight Capacity (Ton)
2.4M Van2.
10 Footer Box Lorry3.
14 Footer Box Lorry4.

Consult a Delivery Service

If you are still unsure of how to gauge your sizing needs based on the vehicle specifications, some moving companies do recommend which truck to take based on the number of rooms your home has. For example, Weload suggests a 10 Footer Lorry for moving one rooms’ worth of contents, or a 14 Footer Lorry for 2-3 rooms’ worth of content.

For further truck size recommendations based on the number of rooms in your home, check out Weload’s House Moving Services page.

If your move is a little less straightforward than choosing the number of rooms, Weload also has a comprehensive item list from which you can select what you need delivered. From gym equipment to pianos and paintings, Weload’s delivery item checkout list is designed to simplify your moving journey. Just add the items to your cart and Weload will choose the right truck size for you!

Weload also provides $20 off every subsequent item added to your cart after the first full priced item. Visit Weload’s Furniture Delivery & Disposal Services page to access the list of predefined items and accompanying rates.

And there you have it - Weload’s simple guide to choosing the right size moving truck! Once again, moving should not be as daunting of a task as it is made out to be. Engaging the right services can mean all the difference.

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