Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, All our services comes with 2 manpower who would assist with loading and unloading.

You can add additional pick up and drop off locations at checkout page at an extra charge of $30 

We provide complimentary plastic shrink-wrapping services for all services except for  'Book a vehicle' service

Lift padding comes with an addtional fee of $30 per location. Lift padding fees will be waived off for all House Moving Packages.

No. Unless you book a 'House Moving' or 'Book a Vehicle' package, there will be other pick ups and drop-offs along the way before we reach your item's destination.

Depending on the distance from the pick up location, it can be anywhere been 1 to 3 hours.

In the event the destination is not lift accessible, there would be additional staircase charges for every item. In the event an item cannot fit into the lift and is required to be carried up or down by staircase, there would also be additional staircase charges.

Note: We provide staircase carry for up to 3 levels up or down. Eg: From Level 1 to Level 4

Yes, There is an additional disposal charge depending on the item(s)/furniture. If you need both delivery and disposal, just select option 'Delivery + Disposal' on the product page.

No, unfortunately not as it is against LTA's regulations.

If you have many items to carry up or down the staircase. You can speak to our workers on the day of the booking when they arrive at your premise and negotiate a reasonable price with them as does not take any of those charges as it is seen as a form of tips towards our workers.

Yes, We do provide disposal services, just select option 'Disposal' on the product page.

You can always let our workers know when they arrive at your premise, however please do note that extra charges will apply for additonal item(s)/furniture and it is subject to the availability of space in the lorry. 

The charge for disposal is the same as delivery as we have to transport your item(s)/furniture to an approved NEA dump and we will have to bear the cost of the dumping charges.

No, that will not be possible as it is not legal for us to do so.

No, we do not assemble second-hand/used furniture that has not been disassembled by us as our workers might not know where the screws and hardware goes to and it might pose a safety risk if it is not reassembled properly.

Yes, we provide assembly services for new furniture. 

Reschedule/Cancellation & Refund Policy

Yes, the time limit to Reschedule/Cancel a booking is at least 24 hours prior to the time slot that you have booked. Eg. you have a booking at 9am - 12pm. You will have to Reschedule/Cancel your booking before 9am the day before.

You can Reschedule/Cancel your booking in 3 easy steps:

Step 1) Log in into your Weload Account. 

Step 2) Go to 'Booking History'.

step 3) Locate the booking that you want to reschedule/cancel.

Step 4) Click on 'Reschedule' or 'Cancel' on the right side of the booking information under 'Actions'

However, if you do not have an account with us, please do drop us a message on WhatsApp at 88002477

or call us at 69298376

Depends, You are entitled to a full refund if you cancel your booking MORE THAN 24 hours in advance.

No, You will not be entitled to any sort of refunds if you cancel your booking less than 24 hours in advance.


1) Please check if there are any timing restrictions at either locations before booking a service (We strongly recommend you to book a service atleast 3 hours before the timing restrictions gets enforced).

2) Please check the dimensions of the lift at either location(s) as different lifts has different dimensions, if your item is not able to fit into the lift, additonal charges for disassembly & assembly applies. 

STANDARD HDB LIFT DIMESIONS: 140cm x 140cm x 220cm (L x W x H)

You will receive an E-mail confirmation upon booking completion.

Yes, you will receive an SMS notification in the morning on the day of your delivery.

Please check the 'Junkmail' section in your E-mail account.

You can retrieve your booking information by logging into your weload account > my order history. 

If you not a weload member, you can contact us @ 88002477


For Debit/Credit Card Payment:

We will collect a 50% deposit of your order total upon booking (Excluding Staircase Charges).

The remaining 50% of your order total must be paid upon completion of the delivery to the driver via Cash, Paynow/Paylah.


Please note: Staircase charges will not be added to the order total at checkout, payment of staircase charges can be made to our workers on the day of the delivery itself.

We accept several methods of payment:

Credit/Debit Card: Visa,Mastercard, JCB, AMEX 



Unfortunately, we do not accept the full amount upon delivery. A 50% deposit must be made upon booking.


Please drop us an E-mail at 

Please do include before and after pictures of the damaged item. 

We will respond to you within 1 - 3 working days.

The time limit to file a damage claim is within 24 hours of your item being delivered.



1) Please be mindful of the timings/days that restricts delivery (We strongly recommend you to book a timeslot with us at least 3-4 hours in advance before the delivery restrictions from the condominium/private property come into effect)

2) Please check if the condominium requires you to fill in any forms for delivery 

3) Please check if the condominium requires you to place a cheque deposit

No, we do not fill in any condominium forms on our client's behalf.


Our company's details are as follows -

Company Name: Weload Logistics Pte Ltd 

Company's registration/UEN: 202026644E

Contact person: Jasmine

Contact number: 6929 8376

( For driver's and lorry's details, it can only be given in the morning of the move)


We will only place a cheque deposit for house moving services. We do not place cheque deposits for any other services rendered. 

No, there will not be additonal charges. We will park our vehicle outside the condominium and our workers will push your items in/out of the condominium premise.